Terms & Conditions for FTTC/FTTP in addition to our standard terms.
Monthly charges are billed quarterly in advance. A minimum contract period of 12 months from the activation date at the installation address and telephone line applies with 30 day notification of cancellation. Early termination, cease, or migration to another supplier within this period requires the immediate payment of all remaining fees to the end of the minimum contract period, plus a termination charge of £35 + vat if the service is ceased.

If you move or wish to move within this period, the broadband has to be ceased and is classed as an early termination.
Outside the minimum contract period of 12 months, if the service is ceased, then a  termination charge of £35 + vat applies.
Reasons for a BT initiated broadband cease include but are not limited to:

  • BT have been asked to cancel the PSTN line
  • BT have disconnected the PSTN line due to non-payment
  • There has been a recent change in ownership of the PSTN line
  • The PSTN line has been moved

If you cease your broadband connection with Swift Internet, or if any other activity causes an ADSL cease from BT, such as a PSTN line cease, a PSTN line stop start or a Migration which does not use the BT migration procedure, such as migration to a non-BT LLU (local loop unbundled) line, it is classed as a cease.

The FTTC service will be delivered to you over your BT telephone line, and your line rental for the line will be charged by BT at the normal rate. Call charges and line rental are not included in your Broadband contract.

FTTC offers a less stable connection than leased line connections for example, so FTTC is a non-guaranteed service which may occasionally be subject to faults. Sometimes faults may take longer than 24 hours for BT to resolve. If the service is critical, we would recommended that you also employ a back-up failover service.

The speed of the connection provided is shown in Mbps, and is dependent upon the distance of the premises from the BT Street side Cabinet. To establish a rough estimate of the speed you are likely to receive for your telephone line, start the order process and enter your telephone number. The availability checker will provide you with BT’s estimate of download speed based upon the length of your line, and exchange capability. Actual speeds in service can vary from the estimate due to changes in the electrical properties or interference on the line, and other factors such as network usage and contention can also vary throughput speed in service.

± This minimum level of service is guaranteed for 90% of the time over the busiest 3 hour period. Products SwiftFibre3, SwiftFibre4 and SwiftFibre5 adds Elevated Best Efforts (EBE). EBE guarantees a minimum throughput of 16Mbps over the BT network subject to line sync rate. 16Mbps minimum is guaranteed where a service synchronises above 15Mbps. Services which sync between 5 and 15Mbps are guaranteed at least 80% of the value of their BRAS profile for 90% of the time over the busiest 3 hour period.

Data Transfer
² The data transfer amount shown indicates the amount of data in Gigabytes that can be transferred during each billing month. Upload is data transferred from the customers network to the internet. Download is data transferred from the internet to the customers network.

³ Peak is defined as Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm, and off-peak is defined as Monday to Thursday 10pm to 8am, Friday 10pm through to Monday 8am. Customers who use more than predefined transfer amount will be charged the excess amount of data at £1.25+vat per GB

Acceptable Use Policy.
All products are subject to an acceptable use policy. Swift Internet specialise in the supply of services to small to medium sized business (SME’s). In almost all cases our service provides all the bandwidth and resources needed by SME’s, however we do operate an acceptable use policy (AUP) on our products. This is in place to prevent a very small number of customers from affecting the performance of the service for all other users. The Acceptable Use Policy means that the service may not be suitable for those individuals who regularly use file sharing applications, or engage in continuous downloads. Typically, SME’s require occasional fast but ‘bursty’ bandwidth. The products are not suitable for End Users who require continuous bit-rate, full-bandwidth services. Such users would require a leased line service.

If we feel that your data transfer or resource usage is going way beyond the normal use of a typical SME, we will contact you to ask you to reduce your usage. If your usage doesn’t fall within an acceptable level, we will contact you again to discuss our options which may, in extreme circumstances include suspension or disconnection of the service.

Price Increase.
We reserve the right to increase the price you pay whether inside or outside a minimum contract period, to allow for increases in costs that are beyond our reasonable control, such as supplier costs or service costs. We shall use our best commercial efforts to avoid or limit any increases.

*All prices exclude VAT.