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Introducing the new SwiftVOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) product powered by Cisco Webex – the next generation of communication technology. This innovative solution offers a seamless communication experience that allows businesses to connect with customers and employees around the world in real-time. With SwiftVOIP, users can make crystal-clear voice and video calls, send instant messages, and share files with ease.

SwiftVOIP offers an extensive range of features that are essential for businesses to communicate effectively such as:

• Unlimited hunt groups, which allow users to distribute incoming calls among multiple extensions for efficient handling.

• Auto attendants that can route calls based on customised menus, making it easy for customers to reach the right department.

• Forwarding and call waiting options to ensure they never miss a call.

• Voicemail capabilities, with messages accessible from anywhere through email, phone, or the Webex app.

• Time and holiday schedules can also be set to automate call routing, ensuring that calls are directed to the appropriate destination at the right time.

• The call barge feature allows authorized users to join calls to monitor and assist in real-time. Call reporting and call recording functionalities provide valuable insights into the performance of the business and enable users to review and analyze calls for training and quality purposes.

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