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MySQL table errors – Repairing tables

If you see an error message something like: “Error : 145 or Table Error ERROR 1016 or Table ‘./table_name’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired.” or [Got error 127 from table handler]

That error means some data in the table named ‘table_name’ in the database is corrupt, so it needs a command run on the table to repair it.

To repair the table:

Log into your Plesk Control Panel at Go to the Plesk Home Page of the Domain holding the database. Click the “Databases” Icon. Click the Database name with a problem. Click the icon “DB WebAdmin”, which opens in a new window.

(The page in the new window is the industry standard utility named phpMyAdmin which is used for managing MySQL databases.)

In the left hand column click the database name at the top of the list. You should now see a list of tables in the Right hand column. To the left of each table is a checkbox. Put a tick in the checkbox for each table that you would like to repair. If you want to select all tables, you can click the “Check All” option at the bottom of the list. (I recommend repairing all tables) Just underneath the list is a Drop Down Box. Select the option “Repair Table” from the drop down box.

The repair should now commence, and when finished you should see a status message for each table.

Once you’ve done this re-test the site.

Note: Never select the Drop or Empty options as they will delete the data!

Database tables can sometimes crash, but it’s a relatively rare event. If your tables are crashing regularly then it will need further investigation.

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