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Why is my connection slow (ADSL sync)

The telephone line from your local Telephone Exchange to your premises is made up of a twisted pair of copper wires within a cable. Everything that carries electricity has what is known as “Resistance”. Because your connection is two wires twisted together it also has some “Capacitance” between the wires. A capacitor is an electrical component and there is more current passed through it as the frequency gets higher. Also your pair of wires has yet another characteristic called “Inductance” and inductance allows less current to flow through it as the frequency gets higher. So as you can see from the above the electrical characteristics of your phone line are quite complex.

Resistance reduces the current so increases the loss. Capacitance effectively short circuits the line more as frequencies increase so increasing loss. Inductance resists current flow more as frequencies get higher thus increasing the loss.

Obviously the longer your line then the greater the effect of the above characteristics and the greater the loss. The greater the loss the lower the signal, and therefore the lower the speed you line will handle without dropped connections. All of the above can change over time, making your speed change over time.

One thing I would suggest to you which may make an improvement is a BT I-Plate. Ordering and info at this link:

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