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What is a Managed VPS Server ?

A Managed VPS Server provides administration of the server by professional server administrators, who perform tasks such as monitoring, fault resolution, OS, control panel, and security updates, back-up tasks, etc.

All of our VPS servers are “Managed”, which is included in the price. With a Swift Internet managed VPS server you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You have root/admin access to your server to configure your server and applications if you wish, but you can still rely on our skilled staff to take care of your server 24/7/365.

Managed VPS hosting means that we will be take care of several key server administration tasks for you, leaving you free to run your business. This saves you time that you would otherwise spend setting up services, monitoring, and troubleshooting. So you don’t need to be a skilled server administrator to take advantage of a VPS server.


What will be managed ?

  • Daily Backup. We will take a daily overnight back-up of all files, and store them off-server for 21 days. You have the ability to access the backups and download files, restore files, folders, or the whole server via an intuitive control panel.
  • OS & Control Panel updates. Updates ensure your VPS will always be running the latest and most secure software available.
  • Monitoring & Fault Fix. We will monitor key services such as Web, Email, DNS, Databse, and if a service goes down, the on-duty engineer is alerted within 15 minutes of the detected failure. He will then restart the service, fix the fault, or reboot the server for you, so you can sleep well knowing that your VPS server is being monitored 24/7/365 and any issues are dealt with promptly.
  • Installation & Troubleshooting. We will install custom modules for your software, or help you troubleshoot errors or configuration issues which you believe are server related.
  • PCI Compliance. We will assist in the configuration and update of your server to maintain PCI compliance.


Should I use an unmanaged VPS solution?

An unmanaged VPS server is the default solution supplied by many other providers, but not by Swift. If you need maximum uptime, reliability and performance, as well as peace of mind, then you’ll find our managed solution is the best choice for your business.


What else is included ?

Each VPS comes with the award winning Plesk control panel, allowing you to manage domains, email, databases etc with ease. You also have access to the server control panel to monitor resource usage, restore backups, start/stop services or restart the server. More on our Control Panels here.

Firewall Protected by an ICSA certified firewall with UTM, DOS, Virus and application layer protection. Installed in pairs for fail-over.

High Availability with 100% SLA. Servers fail over to redundant hardware in the event of a failure providing maximum uptime.