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Swift Internets ethos is to build our systems to the highest standard, not down to the cheapest price. Our servers are top quality Oracle servers with 16 Core Processors making up a “High Availability” cloud system with data stored on a High Availability SSD storage cloud which provides blistering performance.

The Swift cloud system is built to provide high availability coupled with high performance




& Failover

All of this comes together to provide a high performance web site and email service with unparalleled reliability.

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet is utilised for Servers, Switches and Firewall’s in the data centre, with multiple redundant connections to a  “Self-Healing” network, so data is automatically redirected in the event of a network segment failure, providing reliability.





The cloud system that we have in place is known as a “Hyperconverged storage and compute cloud”. This means both the SSD storage cloud, and compute cloud are part of an integrated system which work together to provide high-availability and data security to both the data and compute nodes.

The full server data (OS and user data) is held on a high availability SSD based Cloud Storage system, with 3 copies of live data spread around the cloud on 3 different SSD drives and 3 different hardware nodes. So in the event of a drive failure or whole hardware node failure, the data is immediately available from one of the other 2 remaining sources with no data loss. The data that was held on the failed node is then replicated around the SSD cloud to maintain 3 copies.

All data is held in our data centre in the UK.