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How do I pay by Card?

Log into your Account control panel at:
Web Address:
Client Email Address: (The email address associated with your account.)
Client Password: (Use the forgot your password link if you don’t know)
If you do not know either your email address or password, see the relevant help pages for resetting your password.

Once logged in, click “Billing & Payment”
Click “pay Invoices”
You will now see a box showing all outstanding invoices.
Select the invoices you wish to pay.
Click “Submit” and follow the process through.

NOTE: Swift Internet are a Business-to-Business service provider and do not supply to consumers.
We allow the use of debit card payments and personal credit card payments without surcharge.
Where a commercial credit card is used to make a payment, in-line with regulation 6A2 of the payment surcharge regulations, we make a charge of 2% for the use of this card type at the checkout.

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