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Is Business Broadband Better Than Residential?

If you’re a sole trader or small-to-medium sized company who wants to enter the digital space, you’ve probably asked yourself – is business broadband better than residential? After all, your home network is usually good enough.

The truth is, nowadays, good enough won’t win you sales in the competitive online landscape. High-speed internet is one of the pillars of success, streamlining operations and opening brand-new channels of communication with customers.

While start-ups might be okay with a residential broadband package, growing businesses will definitely need something more comprehensive. Not sure where you fall? Keep reading as we explain which is best for you.

What is the difference between business and residential broadband?

The main differences between business and residential broadband are speed, security and customer service.


Business broadband traffic (the flow of data) is usually prioritised over residential broadband traffic, meaning business customers receive a more seamless service. Basically, your internet connection won’t be affected by someone else’s personal use. For example, next door’s YouTube upload won’t steal bandwidth from your Zoom meeting.

If you need exceptionally fast broadband, you might want to consider a dedicated leased line. Here, you don’t even have to share with other businesses.


With cybercrime on the rise, security should be a top concern for all digitally minded organisations. Business broadband offers superior safety features, such as VPNs (virtual private networks), data recovery and intrusion detection systems. You can sleep a little easier knowing you’re doing everything possible to protect your customers’ sensitive data.

Customer service

As you can imagine, business broadband tends to be more expensive than residential broadband, partly because it comes with excellent customer support. You’ll have a dedicated team on hand to deal with emergencies, which is a huge relief for companies without internal IT departments.

You’ll also benefit from better service guarantees. If you’re offline for longer than the agreed timeframe, you might be entitled to compensation.

Can I get business broadband if I work from home?

You don’t have to be in an office to qualify for business broadband – anyone, anywhere, can reap the rewards. In fact, it’s even more important for remote workers to have a fast connection because they rely more on video conferencing and cloud-based applications.

Do you need a landline for business broadband?

Not always, but some providers use Openreach phone lines to support internet connections, so it’s worth checking beforehand. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need an active landline phone, but the infrastructure must be in place.

However, this is set to change with the Big Switch Off. Openreach is moving away from its copper-based network and planning to go digital by 31st January 2027, meaning the whole of the UK will have access to full-fibre broadband.

Need help deciding which package is right for you?

So, is business broadband better than residential? While sole traders might be okay with their home internet, bigger organisations (usually with more than ten employees) will benefit from something faster and more reliable.

Still unsure? Speak to an advisor today to learn which package is best for you. Call 03330 347500 or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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